Super Fakes

****We no longer provide email authentication for the following bags from the from the 15 million series (8 digits long) and beyond due to the proliferation of Super Fakes circulating on the internet and secondary market:

– All iconic classic flaps (mini, small, medium/large, jumbo, and maxi)
– Reissue flaps of all sizes
– GST and PST
– Wallets and Wallet On Chains
– Entire Boy collection

What are Super Fakes? Super Fakes are counterfeit bags and accessories that are almost perfected by the counterfeiters and are very difficult or almost impossible to authenticate online based on pictures alone. The only proper way to authenticate Super Fakes is through physical inspection where we can feel and smell the material. For these bags, we can only do physical inspection. See pricing below for physical inspection. However, physical inspection is not always possible or convenient to do. We can only do physical inspection for U.S. clients.

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