From: eBay seller –  ljericho

Being a seller of high-end luxury items on ebay can be very challenging at times.  Not only do you need to find and secure a lovely item for a price that will enable you to be profitable, you need to make sure that item meets the criteria of the most critical attribute, AUTHENTICITY.  Personally, as a seller, I cringe at any knock-off CHANEL, LV, or ANY designer item, but let’s face it, it’s becoming harder and harder to be an expert on all items and unethical people are getting better and better at creating replica’s.  My safety net has been the availability of using a quality authentication business; Etinceler Authentications Team.  For a very small fee, I not only have peace of mind on an item I am not 100% SURE of its authenticity, but I am able to supply my bidders with the endorsement that not only reassures them, but also drives my sales to a higher level.

Personally, since finding Etinceler,  I not only  am able to sell items that I might not have been able to sell in the past, but…  I now am more ease knowing that with this authentication, I have a much greater chance of not getting that dispute we are all so familiar with…  The one that starts off with… “I don’t think the bag is authentic….  (yada yada yada).

Thanks Etinceler for all your speedy accurate analysis of the many items you haveauthenticated for me.

Ebay UserID:  ljericho

Londa Jericho

From:  eBay seller – lisatea111

I have sold 5 of my chanel collections so far on ebay with ease due to your service. I have also found people would rather buy from sellers that have had their chanel items listed preauthenticated, as it’s gives them peace of mind when buying authentic chanel due to the overwhelming number of fakes on sale.

‘Etinceler Authentications’ are unique due to specializing their service authentication on chanel. Ttheir service is second to none. All my bags have been authenticated in less than 10 minutes or less. It has blown me away!! It’s super fast!! As well as being at an affordable price, the seller is able to provide the buyer the peace of mind they need.

I have received some questions from potential buyers asking who Eetinceler are, as they have never heard the name before, and I am always proud and glad to explain who they are.

I can not find enough words to described my gratefulness for their service, and I can’t thank you enough for all your help so far. I will always recommend your service and most importantly will stay loyal and use your service all the time.

Well done, and million thanks..

Lisa from down under.

From:  eBay seller – beautiful-things-from-japan

While Etincelerauthentications.com is new in 2010, their experience with Chanel is outstanding, through decades of experience as expert collectors.  All members of the Etincelerauthentications team have also given years of voluntary service in an online forum, to help consumers make informed choices about the authenticity of thousands of items. Etincelerauthentications are fast, efficient and professional in providing an opinion on whether something is authentic Chanel or fake. Their opinion is recognized by eBay and PayPal for issues of authenticity. I recommend them highly for authentication and pre-authentication services.


From: eBay seller – bagswithstyle90210

FROM eBAY SELLER:  bagswithstyle90210
I am a Gold Power Seller on Ebay, and I primarily offer Chanel handbags.  It is extremely important to me that I have a expert opinion regarding the authenticity of each and every item I sell. I  have had the pleasure of working with the lovely ladies at Etinceler Authentications for ALL of my authentication needs during the past couple of months.  It’s very important to me that I can rely on my authentication services for expert opinions, reasonable pricing and timely results.  Etinceler Authentications comes through for me every time!Arlene



From: eBay buyer – laworder101

I am extremely pleased with their service. To my surprise, they wrote a statement of non-authenticity for PayPal dispute within 6 hours and someone is always online to answer emails. I had loads of questions and they were responding within 15 minutes, even on the 4th of July. The written statement was very detailed, about 10 pages in total. In their written statement they described their business, why they are qualified to authenticate Chanel, gave their opinion based on facts, gave itemized details to support their opinion, and gave detailed comparisons of my fake wallet purchased from eBay and details of an authentic wallet. Color photos of details of fake versus authentic details completed the written statement. I am totally impressed with their work. Amazing! Letter was submitted to PayPal on the same day.

Thanks to Etinceler Authentications, I won my PayPal dispute and received all my money back!  Good job!

Happy customer,

From:  store –  Rice and Beans Vintage

As owner of Rice and Beans Vintage, I take authenticity very seriously.  Our customers expect the best authentic vintage & current designer fashions & this is exactly what they will find at Rice and Beans Vintage.  I strongly believe that a second opinion is always a good idea when it comes to the important things in life and when it comes to authenticating our designer handbags we always turn to the best.  The experts at Etinceler Authentications are extremely knowledgeable, helpful, and courteous.  They are very thorough and answer all inquiries in a timely fashion.  I can feel secure knowing that I have doubled checked each item that we sell at Rice and Beans Vintage with the amazing help of Etinceler Authentications.  I highly recommend them to anyone.

Sarah Korsiak Cellier



From: eBay buyer – chanel255chanel255 
I can’t thank the ladies enough at Etinceler.

I recently purchased a Chanel bag on eBay described in good condition for GBP700, on receipt it was in extremely poor condition. I filed a Signficantly Not As Described (SNAD) claim for a full refund with Paypal.  The seller refuted my claim and Paypal would not allow me to return the bag unless I could provide a written statement with supporting evidence from Chanel, a retailer or an independent expert in this field and allotted a three day timeframe or they would close the dispute in favor of the seller.

I already knew about Etinceler’s authentication services as I used their services for a couple of my Chanel bags and was very impressed by their efficiency and quick turnaround but I was unsure whether their services extended to providing a written statement for SNAD dispute. In despair and not knowing where I could obtain a written statement in within a three day timeframe, I contacted Etincelerauthentications who were extremely helpful.  In less than 24 hours they provided me with a comprehensive 19-page statement with their findings and I was able to submit it to Paypal two days before their deadline!

After submitting Etinceler’s written statement to Paypal, the dispute was found in my favour and I was eligible for a full refund.

I would highly recommend Etincelerauthentications’s services for anyone buying or selling Chanel items for authentication and/or providing written statements for disputes.

Thanks a million!

C Man

Location:  London, UK

eBay ID: chanel255chanel255

Kindest regards


From: eBay buyer  – Andrea Carter

Dear Sophie:

Thank you so much for professional service and demeanor.  I am a first time Ebay buyer and did not have a clue as to whether the Chanel bag that I wanted to purchase was authentic and in good condition.  I was extremely nervous and you quickly put my mind at ease.  You answered all of questions and were extremely polite.  I will definitely use Etinceler Authentications again and I would encourage all of my friends and family to do so too!


Andrea Carter


From:  Patree

I highly recommend Michele from Étinceler Authentications.  Her turnaround time to authenticate my bag was superfast.  Her initial authentication result has great detailed information of the bag to support her conclusion.  After the seller read Michele’s authentication result, the process got accelerated quickly without asking for an additional formal letter to send to PayPal to dispute the claim.

Next time I will only use Michele.  She is much faster than other authenticators and her fee is really reasonable.  Thanks so much Michele for working with me!

San Jose Mother…


From: eBay seller – colourful_belle

I’m grateful to the ladies at etincelerauthentications who provide an excellent and efficient service.  I know my Chanel items are authentic but I want to give my buyers more confidence knowing that I have them professional authenticated before listing on eBay and therefore reduce any potential problems if a buyer is not familiar with the designer. Thank you and keep up the excellent work.

eBay ID: colourful_belle


From: eBay buyer – Slavica

I love etincelerathetications service! They provided me with fast service even during Christmas day. I am amazed of their professionalism. From now on, I will always consult them for major purchases.

A grateful costumer

From: eBay buyer –  ern914
I recently purchased a Chanel handbag on ebay, within a few hours after emailing the Etinceler request forms my mind was put at ease when Michele emailed me with the Etinceler reliable authentication and estimate of value. Since the handbag was authentic I did not need to proceed with a written statement of non-authenticity and Etinceler promptly credited my Paypal account. What a wonderful service for $6. Thank you Etinceler.

ebay buyer ern914


From: Elena G.

I have been using Etincelerauthentications.com since 2010 and it never fails to amaze me. I am thrilled with their professionalism and impeccable service. You can count on accuracy, prompt response and fantastic communication. Beside everything that you’d expect from a reputable business, they even respond to my inquiries after hours, which is more of a very pleasant surprise that is very much appreciated. I am happy to deal with such professional and knowledgeable people that take pride in their business and customer service. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Elena G, Palm Beach, FL

From: Joanna “JoJo” Kaliski

Excellent service….would use again.  Fast and affordable….for your peace of mind…or they can check stuff out on eBay for you…esp. when you’re paying thousands of dollars for a Chanel bag.  Easy to use as well.
Cheers Joanna Kaliski. Australia


From: Sidonni

Etinceler Authentications provided great service.  Good communication before and after services were complete.  They helped my case with a bank dispute about a Chanel bag by providing substantial evidence to win my case.  Thank you Etinceler Authentications.



From: Julie S

I am so thankful to Etinceler Authentications.  They are truly a joy to work with.  They are very knowledgeable and responsive with lightning fast service.  I obtained an authentication and value evaluation that made me feel confident in my purchase of a pre-owned Chanel handbag.  They gave excellent advice and went above and beyond to answer all questions with kindness and grace.  I felt like I had a friend in the business to guide me through the resale luxury market.  I would recommend them without hesitation.  The peace of mind provided by their expertise is worth it’s weight in gold.”

Thanks again,